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NELDHA President Heidi Kost Gross sworn in as President of the GCFM


On June 2, 2011, NELDHA President Heidi Kost Gross was sworn as President of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts for the years 2011 to 2013.

Heidi's theme for the next two years is "It's Not Easy Being Green. . . But Let's Try Anyway." In her acceptance speech she said, "May the upcoming two years be fruitful and productive in every respect, especially when it comes to having fun doing what we do best: beautifying our communities, teaching sustainable gardening and design practices, creating extraordinary flower arrangements, and inspiring others to emulate these efforts."  Heidi's knowledge, skills, dedication, and passion make both the GCFM and NELDHA extremely fortunate to have her as our leader.

Shown above with Heidi from left to right are Front: Heidi, Heidi's grandson Nicholas, Daughter Tina, and Granddaughter Eliza, NELDHA members Joan Popolo and Maureen O'Brien. Rear: NELDHA Member Janis Porter, Heidi's son-in-law Christopher, and NELDHA Member Jon Hogan. Not shown are Heidi's husband Herb Gross and daughter Lexie and her husband.