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Self-Guided Walking Tours

>Take the South End tour.


> Back Bay (coming soon)


> Prudential Center Gardens & Christian Science Plaza (coming soon)

Welcome to the NELDHA self-guided walking tours of parks, gardens and green spaces in Boston.

In 2010 NELDHA launched a new project to develop self-guided walking tours of Boston’s neighborhood green spaces. On behalf of NELDHA we hope you enjoy these tours as much as we did researching the sites.

NELDHA thanks Landscape Historian Phyllis Andersen for her wise and thoughtful guidance throughout the planning process of this project.

The Walking Tours Committee:

  • Rita Christensen
  • Karen Falb
  • Kathy Hoppe
  • Susan Juretschke
  • Kathi Keith
  • Maureen O’Brien
  • Laurie Pazzano
  • Stuart Ruggles

NELDHA extends it appreciation to Jon Hogan, Heidi Kost Gross, Rose Marques and Janis Porter for their input into this project and Bill Gavin of GavinDesigns, Millis Massachusetts.

MA Office of Travel and Tourism