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Boston's South End Green Spaces

Brochure with Map


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Welcome to NELDHA's self-guided Walking Tour of Boston's South End Green Spaces, which takes the visitor into a neighborhood of historic residential and institutional properties. Originally the South End of Boston was a narrow strip of land called the "Neck", which connected the Shawmut Peninsula of Boston to the Roxbury mainland. In the mid-nineteenth century the City of Boston filled in the South End to remedy a housing shortage. Street layouts included garden squares reminiscent of London's garden squares. Individual buildings were designed and constructed by developers who often relied on pattern books for designs, hence the similar designs in groups of buildings.

Today the 19th century garden squares continue to contribute to the quality of life and vibrancy of the South End. In addition, the South End is one of the largest urban Victorian neighborhoods in the United States. This self-guided walking tour includes a sampling of the historic garden squares along with newer parks, gardens and green spaces.

The route is approximately 2 miles in length and can be covered at a leisurely pace in 2 hours time. Please note Tuesday is trash collection day in the South End.

About the documents on this page

  • The Brochure offers the visitor an abbreviated version of the South End tour and the Brochure includes its own Map.  No need to download the Map at the bottom of this page.
  • The Narrative offers the visitor the South End tour in greater detail, including an addendum of Plant Lists for four sites; also included are links to
    various friends of the parks organizations. Download both the Narrative and the Map to take this tour.

Additional Resources

Several sites on the South End tour have websites with more information about the parks and park sponsored activities.

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